Gold of the Desert King

Gold of the Desert Kings™ works on the team's ability to work efficiently and use all resources - not least each other's strengths. The scene is a scorching sand desert created by a simple but spectacular backdrop. The participants are put under severe pressure. Time is short, and the team is lacking many of the tools that would be useful in such a pinch.

The participants need to cross the hot desert and reach the mountains to dig for gold. As much gold as possible. The teams are pushed to work efficiently with limited resources and time. The participants will experience how big difference lies between working actively (being in a hurry) and working productively (accomplishing something) as well as obtaining the instruments required to use already available resources in a better manner.

We focus on:
  • How we can work more productively together
  • How we use each other's strong sides in the team
  • What is the value of having a clear target?
  • How can we plan better and cross-collaborate?
  • What is active listening and using resources?
  • What is it that creates a strong team?
  • What is required from the members of a team, including which behaviour?
  • How do we make sure that we reach our target?
  • What is the difference between activity and productivity and maximum benefit from opportunities?
  • The entire team learns to think "maximum benefit from each situation"
  • Increasing the participants' understanding for and acceptance of common goals (e.g. your vision)
  • Strengthening cooperation and the interest for "pulling together"
  • Increasing the participants' understanding of teamwork
  • Bringing out and maintaining motivation and zest among the participants
  • The organisation appearing as a common unit with a positive team spirit
  • Increasing participants' knowledge of personal resource utilisation
  • The participants having a really fun and pleasant time together
Number of participants:

At least 6 participants - the activity lasts from 3 hours. The scenery for the activity is created with simple instruments, including PowerPoint slides and music. The activity is fun, things move fast, all can take part, and it is highly motivating.