Who We Are

Percepti Global sees a triangular world! - At least when it comes to understanding and using the potential of your organisation. We call our tool Close the Gap™, and it visualises contradictions and differences - GAPS - between the three corners of the triangle: vision, culture and image. The search for GAPS and focusing on eliminating them is a dynamic process that efficiently keeps the organisation's development on track. GAPS can be an indication of an imbalance between a desired situation and reality. A situation entirely without GAPS is neither realistic nor optimal, and GAPS are really the same as Development possibilities - or, said in the language of Percepti Global: GAPS Are Good™.

Test your organisation and get an idea of how it stands in the areas that are essential prerequisites for creating excellent results.

What is unique about Percepti Global is that we involve the organisation. This creates insights that allow the company to use its strengths and create more and greater success stories. Targeted workshops and seminars create inspiring dilemmas and situations, which require just those qualities for solving as the organisation wants to develop.

Percepti is Latin and means: ”that which is perceived.  Our ambition is that our clients: managers and personnel, perceive the great potential they all have inside, and experience the value in turning this into stronger cooperation and better results. The word is a conjugation of perceptio, which is also the origin of the English word Perception.