Peter Wagner
+45 20 20 19 93

Peter has over 25 years' experience in working with people at all levels. He is often a part from the beginning of a strategy process until its implementation. His areas of work are primarily with Management, Sales, Communication, Team Development as well as measurement and assessment. In addition to this, Peter has written two books and has helped in creating two programs about management for the Danish Broadcasting Corporation. Peter is driven by achieving results together with his clients. This has been proven over many years. His customers remain, and most are still clients from back when Peter began as a consultant. It means a lot to Peter that there is trust between himself and the client, and he finds it essential that agreements are respected. If confidence exists, the real facts emerge, and this is according to Peter important to achieve real results.

Chris Rycroft
Chris Rycroft
+45 27 73 50 50

Chris is truly a senior when it comes to experience and knowledge about how international leaders and their teams achieve large and frightening goals. He provides advice to Danish and International clients through custom-made training in Effectiveness, Management and Negotiation Techniques as well as Sales.Chris uses these programs to create brilliant framework for bottom line results. He services a wide range of clients and their Management teams, Sales Organisations, Engineering and Technology Businesses as well as other consulting firms. Chris is an inspirational speaker with a wide variety of subjects, including: "How to Network Efficiently", and he dedicates a significant amount of time and energy to students at primary and secondary schools as well as a lecturer at European Business Schools to help young people preparing their results. Chris, a family man and Danish by marriage, has lived in Denmark for so long that when he lands at the Copenhagen airport and smells the "Pølsevogn" - he knows he is home!

Henrik Halle
+45 24 28 82 24

Henrik works both in Denmark and Internationally. His enthusiasm and ability to challenge the status quo - making others discover new opportunities - is much in demand by both managers and employees. He is specialised in Management, Sales and Negotiation techniques and with an extensive travel experience he is also very competent in Cultural Understanding. The combination of both theoretical and extensive practical experience in Sales, Management and Consulting, makes Henrik able to quickly understand complex challenges that companies have. Through his openness and ability to read others, Henrik shows his clients how to get from A to B and improve their bottom line. Henrik is an avid runner and sets challenging targets around the world. He loves hiking in the Himalayas and enjoys diving in the Galapagos.