The scene is the Scottish highlands. It is 25 years since the clans last met, and expectations are sky-high. The clans should negotiate and work together to obtain what they each need. They should not only achieve excellent economic results, they should also pass the SHUMAS test, the clans' shared set of values. So it is not a question of either or - it is both.

Excelleron challenges the participants' personal competencies to achieve excellent results. They should achieve results in a changing environment and in a market that at times is unstable, often lack a specific direction and is highly competitive. They experience the value in sharing information at the right time as well as creating positive relations and references. They experience the importance in seeing that this is the main basis for excellent results, the goal of the activity and daily tasks.

It requires strong empathy skills, interpersonal skills, communication skills and a great insight into the negotiating partners' starting point. The partner can in daily life be an important customer or a colleague in their own company.

We focus on:
  • The importance of seeing that excellent results are best created through excellent relations
  • The value of values and relations in your organisation
  • What is culture, and what creates motivation?
  • An individual personal image as a parameter for achieving excellent results
  • Efficient communication and utilisation of common resources
The result:
  • A strong wish to create and develop positive and productive relations
  • Active circulation of information and knowledge for common results for the company
  • Knowledge of the personal image and the importance for the results that you achieve together
  • Focus on the values of being an active part of win/win situations
  • The participants will quickly see the parallels to their own daily life, where a manager or co-workers ability to motivate, lead and affect their colleagues and customers is essential for the outcome of each contact or situation.
Number of participants:

At least 9 participants - the activity lasts from 3 hours. The scenery for the activity is created with simple instruments, including PowerPoint slides and music. The activity is fun, things move fast, all can take part, and it is highly motivating.