Rattlesnake Canyon

Rattlesnake Canyon™ is particularly interactive and focuses on the opportunities in optimising the results from sales and cooperation efforts in a highly competitive environment with tight deadlines and a noticeable influence by supply and demand. The participants will see the value in thinking in terms of cooperation and common resources, with the basis in: "What is possible?" The participants are inspired to create efficient sales and distribution methods by focusing on solid partnerships, innovative planning, information and mutual trust.

The scene is the Wild West at the end of the 19th century. The participants are welcomed by Sheriff J. Flynn. He gives the settlers and traders a unique opportunity to participate in the town's biggest challenge to date. You will build a railroad through Rattlesnake Canyon. The paddle steamer, the pony express and the stage coach offer the finest products and low prices. On the other side of the river the railway company is ready to purchase exactly what they need. Can the merchants and settlers solve this challenge?

Rattlesnake Canyon™ gives a clear demonstration of how excellent results depend on the ambitions that characterise the team in the hunt for either average or maximal proceeds!

We focus on:
  • The entire team are set on thinking "maximum benefit from each situation"
  • Improved response time and readiness to change
  • Better overview and planning for the participants in the activity
  • Insight in the requirements for decision-making power
  • Strengthened cooperation and interest for "pulling together"
  • Understanding for and accepting of which partnerships are necessary for creating excellent results in everyday life
  • How can the company work more productively together?
  • Preparations of the daily efficiency
  • Increased sales results and improvement of the company's bottom line
  • Understanding the difference between energy and synergy
  • Locating where the bottlenecks occur that limit success
  • Using possibilities that come with supply and demand
  • The participants have a really fun and pleasant time together
Number of participants:

At least 50 participants - the activity lasts from 3 hours. The scenery for the activity is created with simple instruments, including PowerPoint slides and music. The activity is fun, things move fast, all can take part, and it is highly motivating.