Promises Promises

The participants are divided into 10 nations. They are gathered at the United Nations. Their goal as newly elected politicians is to live up to the expectations of their people. Some nations have very difficult goals and expectations to meet, while others have easier assignments. The overall goal for all of them is that the nations reach their individual goals and become united.

In the beginning of the activity the participants are - as is common in everyday life - fiercely focused on their own needs and meet difficulties with this behaviour. Later the focus is shifted to the common goal. When the participants have recognised the benefits of the process and understand how they should act with that as a basis, they experience that their own needs and those of others become much easier to achieve. Unless they choose to use their secret weapon!

We put the participants in an exciting and challenging situation, requiring that they individually as well as in close cooperation take a number of crucial decisions to reach their goals. They clearly experience the results and consequences of their choices, and quickly see parallels to their own daily life.

The participants get a strong common understanding for the fact that they achieve better results together when they focus on the entire organisation's goals and needs. This greater picture creates a valuable understanding leading to renewed cooperation and working as a strong team.

  • It is not only about my part, it comes down to us in the entire organisation
  • My efforts or lack of effort have a great importance for others
  • Cooperation from the entire team creates positive relations and good results for everyone
  • The consequences of lacking trust and communication
  • The importance of everybody seeing and understanding common goals and resources
  • Targeted planning - What is it we want, and how much do we want it?
  • Better cooperation and ability to face challenges (obstacles)
  • Efficient communication and efficient utilisation of common resources
  • Understanding of the value of values and image
  • Targeted efforts from the participants in creating excellent results together
  • The knowledge and understanding of their own importance for the company's results
  • Focus on the value in creating win-win situations for everybody in the organisation

At least 10 participants - the activity lasts from 3 hours. The scenery for the activity is created with simple instruments, including PowerPoint slides and music. The activity is fun, things move fast, all can take part, and it is highly motivating.