The mission is simple: you are travelling with your team from Cape Canaveral in Florida. The next stop is the planet Mars. Here you must extract as much Martian rocks as possible and then bring them safely back to earth.

Competition is fierce, and you are not alone. Your team will compete with the other teams that have taken on the challenge, and there is only room for the winning group...

Your team will encounter many challenges: meteor showers, dust storms, aliens, stress and many other things. You should plan efficiently, cooperate in the team, make the right decisions and use resources in the best way.

Mission2Mars™ is an activating and engaging activity for companies and organisations that wish to significantly increase cooperation, have a more targeted effort in daily life, and achieve attractive results. The activity is also suitable for kickoffs etc.

During 4-6 hours the participants will experience everyday situations from a new perspective. Many parts in Mission2Mars™ are taken from their daily tasks at work. We focus on clear and strong parallels when giving feedback and challenge the way of solving everyday challenges in relation to the new knowledge and experience obtained from the activity.

Take the challenge. Book your new mission immediately...

We focus on:
  • The importance of having the right information and using it
  • Consequences of not using the available resources, including time
  • The value in planning and thereafter sticking to the plan
  • How we can work more productively together
  • What is the value of having a clear target?
  • What is the difference between activity and productivity and maximum benefit from opportunities?
  • The team's ability to achieve results under the same conditions
  • You experience the value in setting large and frightening targets
  • Where and how can each make a substantial difference?
  • What is required to create the next success together?
  • The advantages in working with common goals, milestones and alternative goals for all ongoing work in everyday life
  • A desire for change and a positive attitude towards new challenges
  • Inspiration and ideas for improved communication and cooperation
Number of participants:

At least 6 participants - the activity lasts from 3 hours. The scenery for the activity is created with simple instruments, including PowerPoint slides and music. The activity is fun, things move fast, all can take part, and it is highly motivating.