Cross Cultural Awareness

Cross Cultural Awareness is about respecting other people's worldview, even if this seems to go against your own experiences, values and worldview.

More and more companies encounter the challenges that come from increasingly close relations with other cultures, both locally and globally. Percepti Global provides participants with a thorough introduction to different cultures and cultural concepts, and emphasises the difference between focusing on closing a deal and focusing on building relations.

Diversity management and a correct approach to working with behaviour are essential prerequisites to ensure the company's ability to achieve excellent results on the global marketplace.

We work with the effect of verbal and especially non-verbal communication at all levels of the organisation and within different cultures.

We focus on:
  • Understanding how culture affects our understanding of each other
  • Insight in what culture is
  • How our values affect us and affect who we are culturally
  • How culture affects management styles and our view on the company and co-workers
  • The connection between culture and our ways of communicating with each other
The result:
  • You strengthen your communication skills
  • You learn what we ourselves come from to be better able to understands what others come from
  • You find answers to who should adapt to whom
  • Learning to avoid the 'them' and 'us' mentality
  • Understanding how cultural values affect our daily cooperation
  • Making cultural understanding a tool that can strengthen the ambitions and goals for both teams and individuals                   
This training is intended for those that want to:
  • Increase the cultural awareness in their own organisation
  • Reduce misunderstandings that are rooted in different cultures
  • Strengthen cooperation in the organisation and use the synergy between different cultures
Number of participants:

We recommend a maximum of 12 people per team.