Conflict Management

Experience shows that one of the greatest challenges in management is how the individual manager should handle the conflicts that arise in an organisation. In this training we focus on the conflicts a manager might encounter, and specifically we identify the following:

We focus on:
  • What is a conflict - and how is it solved?
  • How do we deal with conflicts when they occur?
  • How do we get all managers to enter conflicts and take ownership of them?
  • How do we get to the bottom of the problem? Are there conflicts we do not see?
  • How do we keep conflicts from becoming personal?
  • How do we improve our communication and thus avoid conflicts?
  • The way we give feedback, does it cause conflicts?
  • Can a conflict lead to even better results?
  • How do we keep motivation up when conflicts arise?
  • Tools for solving conflicts, creating even better results
 The result:
  • Daring to enter a conflict when it arises
  • Knowledge of your own and other people's strengths and development areas
  • Managers having the tools required to solve projects - including conflicts
  • Being able to communicate even more efficiently, leading to even better results
  • Being even better at sharing knowledge so that "best practice" is used for achieving excellent results
  • Development of your own conflict style - The Thomas-Killmann method
  • Feedback - a way to deal with/avoid conflicts?
  • Focus on the most efficient tools for handling conflicts
This training is intended for those that want to:
  • Learn systematic understanding of conflicts and conflict solving
  • Work constructively with and have a need for handling conflicts and disagreements
  • Have concrete tools for preventing conflicts
Number of participants:

We recommend a maximum of 12 people per team.