Presenting with Impact

We are all bombarded with information and messages on a daily basis, which we, to a lesser or greater extent, need to deal with. It is a tough competition for attention, and only those who understand how to transmit a vivid, clear and targeted message will push through.

Personal effectiveness is about making you a knowledgeable intermediary in transmitting and giving you the feedback and the tools that will ensure that your message creates a value for the intended recipients.

  • Becoming aware of your own strengths and weaknesses as an intermediary
  • Getting a clear understanding of how YOU as a communicator can push through
  • Achieving a balance between form and content
  • Becoming aware of your own both language and voice (form)
  • Being comfortable with using tools that can create a clear structure in your message (content)
  • Creating awareness about GAPS lying between self-perception and the perceived image
  • Understanding the importance in giving and receiving usable feedback
  • Focusing on how decisive it is to know the target audience for your message
  • Dealing with the different personality types in the target audience
  • Experiencing the strength in defining and communicating a clear core message
  • Strengthened image through better feedback
  • A greater commitment and a clearer demonstrative ownership of the message that is to be sent out
  • Sending out messages in a vivid, clear and concrete manner
  • Understanding that as a co-worker you are constantly in an intermediary role
  • Greater insight in how the individual best achieves the highest level of efficiency in communication
  • Increased self-confidence and appearing more credible
  • Simple communication of complex messages
  • Achieving a much greater efficiency in preparing your future communication
  • Have a unique possibility to challenge and develop your own communication tools and skills
  • Increase personal effectiveness
  • Have knowledge of your own instruments and an awareness of development areas and strong sides
  • Be a positive influence to others in training, meetings, customer visits, collaborative relationships etc.

We recommend a maximum of 10 people.