Loyalty measurement

That which determines the difference between companies that succeed today, and those that do not, is not only the right products at the right price. A prerequisite for success it also attracts, keeps and develop the best personnel on the market. This requires a strong and healthy culture. A strong culture is characterised by strong attitudes and a strong will to live up to these attitudes in day to day tasks.

Percepti Global AS gives the management a detailed image of the personnel's level of satisfaction using efficient research tools and well-documented assessment methods. In cooperation with yourselves and based on the assessments we create the foundation for:

  • a development process in the organisation
  • carrying out a continuous evaluation of started processes
  • documenting the effect of these processes


  • Achieving a nuanced and factual image of the basic behaviour of clients and personnel, satisfaction and loyalty
  • Creating a continued managerial focus on current development areas
  • Identifying GAPS that can improve loyalty and thus strengthen the organisation's results
  • The personnel's level of satisfaction with the management team and board of directors
  • The personnel's experience of their attachment to and how attractive the company is
  • A detailed evaluation of personnel satisfaction
  • A concrete and correct image of personnel loyalty to the organisation
  • A detailed evaluation of personnel behaviour, supporting the organisation's strategies and visions
  • Greater personnel goodwill and image