Communication and motivation is essential for productive cooperation. Knowledge, competencies
and personality are important parts of how we perform in everyday life, but without motivation and efficient communication with customers and colleagues we will never get far.

EASI is an efficient development tool, where a combination of tests and a simple pedagogic approach focuses on the person's behaviour and potential for growth, and thereby strengthens the ability to achieve excellent results.

EASI is a typology test that, based on the results, divides people into four basic archetypes: the Enthusiast, the Analytic, the Supporter and the Implementer. All types have a preferred behaviour and are motivated by different things.

  • The person's typical behaviour as well as strengths and pitfalls
  • Understanding one's own and other people's behaviour
  • Communication with others and how to make it efficient
  • Motivation and how knowledge of motivation is used to improve communication, learning and personal development
  • Identifying potential development areas and concrete suggestions for improving these
  • You strengthen your ability to communicate with others and achieve better results
  • You get better at understanding the behavioural patterns in others and reacting to them
  • You will be able to read others and thereby ensuring productive cooperation
  • The organisation, the team, get a common language and reach a better understanding of one another

Understanding your sale and service techniques to create loyal customers who return.