LeaderView360 is a tool aimed for managers. It helps with focusing on and strengthening the efficiency in management.

The results are presented in a simple and understandable report, which is easy to assess and use as a basis for feedback.

The report includes a practical individual development plan. The 5 most important behavioural areas as well as the 5 least efficient ones are shown grouped for each response group, together with suggestions and recommendations for development areas. The program can also compare 1st and 2nd measurements - or 2nd and 3rd etc., which makes it possible to document the individual manager's development in performance/efficiency during the period.

LeaderView360 is an extremely precise and concise review, which aims at important managerial behaviour in order to optimising the manager's individual efficiency and performance.


LeaderView360 is ideal for management development programs and as a basis for identifying development potential in almost any organisation's evaluation systems.

LeaderView360 measures a total of 35 important managerial behaviour areas, divided into 7 key competences. The tool has a precise focus on a practical performance of efficient management in a modern organisation.


  • Problem solving
  • Task management
  • Personal leadership
  • Managing relations
  • Management
  • Communication


  • The participants receive feedback on their own behaviour and are given what they need to anchor the managerial role and the game rules as firmly as possible in the organisation.
  • Strengthened tools for seeing and acknowledging their own development areas and GAPS
  • The result is better managers that achieve better results in both a short- and long-term perspective.